Cant import uv image texture to unity

Cant import uv image texture to unity.
Hello everyone, I am new to blender. So I made a stick character in blender and unwrapped the mesh. Then I exported the uv nap and coloured it in photoshop. After that in materials I added image texture and in node editor I added the image texture and joined it to color too. And in blender in material view everything seems perfect,but whenever I am importing it to unity, I can’t see those image textures. Everything is like a default mesh. I have also set the include external files in blender so that the image gets with it. Can anyone tell me and solve the problem. If needed I can send the .blend file too :confused:

Blender materials can’t be imported into unity. You need to recreate the material in Unity using the same textures and pick an appropriate shader for the material. Vertex color and base color is the only thing that is kept from Blender. Note that in order to view the vertex color in Unity the material shader needs to support vertex color.