Cant insert Text in TMP_InputField to the Inspector

This is my second question and im not quite sure how to ask it.

In my LoginScene I have this hierachy 139878-2019-06-11-22-56-39-gameapp-login-android-unity-20.png

I have a script Login in which I need the Text from an Inputfield.

I want to parse the Text whenever i have pressed the login_btn.

so i call username_login.text whenever i press the login_btn.

I can attach the Inputfield to the login_btn in the inspector - everything fine .

But if i run my script, i cant press inside the InputField.

Any Ideas?

Crititism for improvement is welcome :slight_smile:

Okay update, i had to delete every InputField and create a new one. After that it worked fine for me.

Dont know where the error war located…

Same happened for me. The cause was that I had another TMP gameobject whose size was such that it was obscuring the TMP_InputField. Resizing / moving the other gameobject fixed the problem