Can't link transferred project thats now part of companies account + portal bugs

  • Unity 2021.3.18
  • Analytics package 4.4.2
  • Windows 11

This project was transferred to companies account and I really need this hooked up again before product release.

Portal is broken and we can't see what members have access to project.

Package version

No project shows up under companies list

Are the owners of the organization able to see this project? If so can you check if the permissions have been set up correctly?

Yes they were able to add me.
This shouldn't be a page error though.

Yes, this shouldn't be the case. Could you send in a support ticket with details of the issue, projectID, orgID, and project name so we can take a deeper look into this?

This could be a permission related issue but I have a suspicion something might have gone wrong in the transfer