Can't listen to event invoked inside namespace

I have been able to listen to events from WITHIN a namespace before

Because my Joystick keeps randomly firing out context.canceled events and zeroing out my input I need a different way of saying that my movement input has ended

Not sure as to why I cannot do it the other way around - nothing happens

//Publisher - my Joystick
namespace UnityEngine.InputSystem.OnScreen

public class MovementJoystick : OnScreenControl, IPointerDownHandler, IDragHandler,
    public static event Action JoystickHasDespawned;


    public virtual void OnPointerUp(PointerEventData eventData)
        input =;
        handle.anchoredPosition =;

        //zero out the control when lifted


// consumer

    void Awake(){
        UnityEngine.InputSystem.OnScreen.MovementJoystick.JoystickHasDespawned += StopPlayerMovement;

    public void StopPlayerMovement(){
        Debug.Log("StopPlayerMovement ");

        rawInputMovement = new Vector3(0, 0, 0);

Edit; fixed it :wink:

JK, my editor didn’t save last night so I was editing a copy of the script that wasn’t attached to the frigin joystick I was programming

MICROSOFT STINKY for deciding they can restart my computer when I’m sleeping

Incidentally code I wrote fixes: On-Screen Joystick Stutter/Lag [Unity Input System Bug] - YouTube

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