Can't load asset bundles from local paths containing spaces?

So this seems like a very specific edge case, but I’m running into an issue where I have a bunch of locally stored asset bundles (stored in the streaming assets folder) and they generally load up and work just fine. all it seems like i have to do is say

AssetBundleManager.SetSourceAssetBundleURL(Application.dataPath + "/StreamingAssets/");

and it works in just about all cases - easy peasy.

the rub is if that Application.dataPath returns a local path which contains a space, for instance c:\Users\user name\build\build_data\streamingassets\

then when unity’s asset bundle manager calls

new AssetBundleDownloadFromWebOperation(assetBundleName, download)

that path gets web encoded to be c:\Users\user%20name\build\build_data\streamingassets\ (because spaces need to be encoded for web) and then thats not a valid local path and problems ensue, namely that it cant find any of the bundles and everything breaks.

is there anything I can do about that? is there some call or setting to let the asset bundle manager know that its loading local bundles and not bundles from the web?

it would be weird to me if local bundles stored in file paths with spaces is just not supported in the new system.

took another look through the documentation and found out that there IS in fact a call to load local bundles from a path relative to the streaming assets directory and it looks like this


instead of


and now I feel silly XD