Can't load text from resources in DLL file

Hello, i’m creating mod for My Summer Car (using Mod Loader Pro). I can’t load the font from resources (from the same dll file where is script)

    public override void Update()
        GameObject Zizen = GameObject.Find("GUI/HUD/Thrist/HUDLabel");
        if (Zizen != null)
            GameObject ZizenStin = GameObject.Find("GUI/HUD/Thrist/HUDLabel/HUDLabelShadow");
            // Changing font
            Zizen.GetComponent<TextMesh>().font = Resources.Load("Dosis_SemiBold") as Font;
            Zizen.GetComponent<TextMesh>().color = Color.white;

Dll resources and Unity’s AssetDatabase and Resources class have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Reading Resource data from a DLL is a pure .NET / C# thing. Though in addition once you have the raw data you have to actually load them from Unity. Unity has very limited functionality when it comes to loading assets. The best solution is usually to load assetbundles which need to be created with Unity.

I have never used this mod loader you’ve mentioned. However it seems that it ships with a Unity project template in order to create assetbundles. So you may want to read the documentation of that mod loader (if there is any). Your question is not really Unity related since you rely on some third party software which is not part of Unity.