Can't log in on Unity Forum

With a new login system, I’ve created account and confirmed it via email.Also I’ve connected Unity Forum already existent account and Unity Answers account.After that I’ve choose new Name ( my previous name was longer than 16 letters ).

So, after all this operations I can’t login on unity forum.When I’am trying to enter Unity forum link I’ve got this error in Google Chrome and simply nothing with other browsers:

The webpage at bla bla. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

I’ve tried to clear cooking and all browsing data, tried IE, even IE Metro, but with no success.But everything is ok on Unity Answers. I also can see posts on Unity forum when I’am not logged in.

Sharing a possible solution to this issue, even though this is an old question…

I had this problem on Google Chrome too just now. It turned out to be caused by the ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ Chrome extension. Turning this off for the site allowed me to log in.

Sharing this here in case someone else comes across this!

Drop the support team an email (support at unity 3d dot com). Include a screen shot showing your screen name when you are signed in, a screenshot showing your name on Answers and a screenshot showing your screen name when on the forum. (UDN screen name is shown top right on the browser window, in the middle of the page below the answers menu bar on Answers, and in small text saying Welcome to the forum on the Forum.) The support team can then try and work out what is happening.


It solves the problem, for both in unity app and in browser log in issue