Can't make the manual offmeshlink work

For some reason I can not seem to have the offmeshlink component work.
I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not.

I have 3 planes.
First two are divided by a big distance.
The third I use as a bridge between the two.

All 3 are marked as navigation static.

  1. Should the bridge plane, to which I attach the offmeshlink, need to have “off mesh link generation” checked?
    I presumed it doesn’t since it is a manual one.
    In this case, if I scale the bridge to be close enough to the 2 ledges, the path is connected and the “Activated” has no affect when unchecked. The agent keeps traversing through it.

  2. I tried checking the “off mesh link generation”. So I got the arch gadgets showing, even if not as close as before, but now the agent does not traverse the path at all.

What am I missing here?

I got it to work and have a conclusion that will hopefully help others in the future:

Don’t use the offmeshlink as part of one of the disconnected meshes - use a separate game object, as this what seems to be the main issue I had.