Can't move game object (Beginner question)

So, basically what I am trying to do is move a cube around the game space. However, when I try and do this I get errors. I don’t know why.

Obviously I am new to the program, and am pretty clueless.

I got the code for this script from here:

The error I keep getting says I didn’t add a rigid body to my game object (the cube). However, I did, so I am confused.

I attached a few images to make it easier to identify the problem.

alt text

Could someone explain to me what I am doing wrong?

EDIT: When I opened the program again it no longer has the Rigid Body error. Instead it has the unexpected symbol error as seen on the screen shot.

Your code isn’t compiling, which is what that last error is showing. It looks like it’s not compiling because you have a C# script (the .cs file extension), but the code is UnityScript/JavaScript.