Can't move instantiated object

So i tried to make an Object that spawns at a random time between 10-15 seconds. For example a ball. After that time you should be able to pick this ball up. But I cant pick the Ball up. Its like an solid object.
How can i make the ball moveable ?


Good day.

Once the object is Instantiated, the object should be able to move like any other GameObject, so if you can is because you have some component or Update() making this. Can you post the Object inspector?


An instantiated object can be treated like any other object by prefabbing it, and spawning the prefab. This prefab can have scripts, animations, a rigidbody, and any other component you wish attached to it. I’m not sure precisely what you mean by “cant pick the Ball up”…if you provide more information on what you’re trying to do, I can help you more!

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