Cant Move Lerpz onto the raised platform with the Jump Pad

I am on page 12 of the 3d tutorial and can not get Lerpz onto the platform. It is difficult to tell where I am moving the Lerpz player and I am hoping there is a different tutorial on how to move characters in the scene effectively.

Your best bet is to try it one axis at a time.

So, first select Lerpz in the hierarchy, then click on the green Y axis of the axis thing top right of the window. You'll now be looking directly down on the scene. Zoom out using the mousewheel and then move Lerpz until he's aligned with the platform.

Then click the red X axis top right. You'll now be looking from the side. Again, zoom as appropriate and move Lerpz up or down as required.

If you then click on the white box in the middle of the axis thing top right it will return you to perspective view. Hopefully Lerpz will be pretty much where you want him.

Double click on Lerpz in the hierarchy and you should zoom to his position where you can make any final fine adjustments you need.

Hope this helps.