Can't Optimize Huge Sprite Sheet

I was shocked to find that a game I had just created takes up a whopping 330 megabytes. According to the Editor Log, my textures are to blame:

From the list I started at the top with the Chieftain Walk animation spritesheet. The file was huge, so I opened it in Photoshop and decreased the image resolution dramatically.
However, even after saving in Photoshop, the Editor Log claims that the texture takes up the same amount of memory. What am I doing wrong, and also, when does the Editor Log update? Is it upon building the game? Many thanks.

That is your build log. It won’t be updated until you rebuild the project.

I’m not sure what target you are building for, but I suggest using texture compression.

And, 113.8 mb a texture is not optimal even on pc platforms. In editor, it might look trivial loading as Unity keeps it loaded after first use. (You might even have some long loading times in editor, only once per session though.)