Can't play any videos on

When I click on the play button of videos on nothing happens. I’m doing the Jr Programmer pathway, but tried on various other sections. The console for both Chrome and Edge show this error when the page loads:

VIDEOJS: DOMException: Failed to read the ‘handle’ property from ‘MediaSource’: MediaSourceHandle creation is currently supported only in a dedicated worker.,

Same problem here, any fix for this? I’m at the start of project 4, I’m having this problem since lab 3, but I made it through with the description of each video. I think that’s how It’ll be from now on.

Me too.But this problem happened only on Edge,other browsers just like Chrome can do well in this.I
I use the other laptop to test this problem,and it can work normally.So i think the real problem is windows 11 ,not the unity web.