Can't Post Screenshot To Facebook Wall

Hey, I’ve seen a bunch of variations on this, but no definitive answer.

I want to capture a screenshot and post it to the user’s wall.
Obviously found out that uploading a photo can only happen through FB.API(“me/photos”…, but this is not an actual share, and it does not let the user edit his share before posting it.
Also got FB.Feed, which does not allow uploading a new photo, but only link to an existing photo on the web.
So I tried uploading and then linking a share to the uploaded photo ({id}), but the feed window’s response is: “ urls are not allowed”.
So, the options I see right now are either just upload a photo with a predefined text, or run my own CDN and upload the screenshots to it and link back to them in the feed call.

Is there (maybe, please, I really hope) any better way to this?

Try this to take screenshot.

	// create the texture
		Texture2D screenTexture = new Texture2D(Screen.width, Screen.height,TextureFormat.RGB24,true);
		// put buffer into texture
		screenTexture.ReadPixels(new Rect(0f, 0f, Screen.width, Screen.height),0,0);
		// apply
		//----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PHOTO
		byte[] dataToSave = screenTexture.EncodeToPNG();
		string destination = Path.Combine(Application.persistentDataPath, "RaceResults.png");
		File.WriteAllBytes(destination, dataToSave);

//post to facebook

    			string.Empty, //toId
    	        new System.Uri(""), //app link
    	        "PollyCube", //linkName
    	        "LinkCaption", //linkCaption
    	        "LinkDescription", //linkDescription
    			new System.Uri(destination), //picture
    	        string.Empty, //mediaSource
    			ShareFeedCallback //callback or null