Can't raycast on Character Controller?

I have a Game Object with a Character Controller component and I am not able to collide with it using Physics.Raycast(). I am able to collide with other objects that are using box colliders, etc. I’ve read in other questions that Character Controller’s automatically created collider doesn’t allow ray casting, and that particular questioner switched components. In my case I can’t do this, so what do I need to do to allow ray casting? I’ve tried adding another collider, but I get a message that “Replacing existing component. A Character Controller is already added, do you want to replace it with a COLLIDER_I_CHOSE?”.

I’ve confirmed that resizing the Character Controller component of my human entities allows a raycast to correctly collide with them. As for the vehicle, I think it just shouldn’t be using a Character Controller at all because when I change the width to be large than the height, the collider turns into a sphere collider.
I’m not sure what the values mean though because I’m modelling in meters and the radius and height were in the triple digits.