Can't read dpad inputs on controller?

I’m trying to read the dpad inputs from my PS4 controller, but despite using getaxis, I never get a non-zero value. My code is

Debug.Log("H: " + Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"));

My input manager is set up so Horizontal’s type => Joystick Axis, Axis => X Axis, and Joy Num => Get Motion from all Joysticks. But I can only get non-zero values returned when moving the left thumb stick. The right thumb stick doesn’t give any results either. I’ve tried some alternate axis like 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc too but those didn’t work either.

So how can I get dpad input?

Idk if this will work or not, but try looking at this video: CONTROLLER INPUT in Unity! - YouTube
It also depends on your version of Unity, because I know this is in one of the new updates @homer_3