Can't reference boolean in another script

I am trying to reference a boolean in another script attached to a different game object. But I keep on getting the error “It is not possible to invoke an expression of type ‘boolean’”.

The referencing script:

function Update () { 
     var otherScript: OtherScript = GetComponent(OtherScript); 
     otherScript.DoSomething() = true; 

The referenced script:

private var DoSomething : boolean;

function Update(){
	if(DoSomething) {
	transform.Rotate(0,0,60	* Time.deltaTime);	

This a simplified script I put together, the script I’m really trying to figure out is a lot more complicated but the basic issue remains…
I’ve been trying to tackle this ridiculously simple problem for a week now, I’m still very new to programming…

DOSomething is a variable, not a function.

So you would reference it as

otherScript.DoSomething = true; 

You may also want to not mark the variable as private.

So change the variable declaration to :

var DoSomething : boolean;

You can’t assign a value to a function. But DoSomething is a variable, not a function, so just refer to it like other variables.

As Eric says. This is how it has to look:

The referencing script:

function Start () { 
     var otherScript: OtherScript = gameObject.Find("TheOtherObject").GetComponent(OtherScript);
     //you tried to GetComponent without telling where to look, so 'otherScript' was 'null'   
// Note: Find() and GetComponent() are expensive.
// And the path to OtherScript won't change during the scene. 
// So we don't need to find it anew every frame.
// So we do the referencing in Start() instead of Update(), 

function Update () {    
     otherScript.doSomething = true; 
     // unity didn't realize that 'otherScript' being 'null' would be a problem yet, 
     // because first it had to worry about the (). 
     // It tried to find a function called 'doSomething()' in the referenced Script, 
     // instead of a variable 'doSomething'

The referenced script:

var doSomething : boolean; 
// the lower-case isn't mandatory to work but it's good habit

function Update(){

  if(doSomething) {
  transform.Rotate(0,0,60 * Time.deltaTime);  

Here, have a look at this:

bare with the ‘for super-dummies’-approach. There’s some very valuable information there =)

Edit: Meltdown was faster...

Ooops… missed the ‘private’ Meltdown has pointed out. now fixed.

Greetz, Ky.