can't render blender materials!?!?!

i made these sweet models for my scifi game in blender with these metal mirror like materials on it! but when i exported to unity (in a .blend file not fbx) it didn,t render the mirror or material at all. it just looks like it did in the editor plz help!!!!!!

First of all, you can't bring transparency or mirror into Unity, you have to use a shader for that, secondly if you want to use your color materials, you need to uv map the model, make a new image and bake the materials to the image, save It, then import It into Unity.

Generally kyle you should use Unity's shader system to get those effects within Unity. I admit Blender's material system still confuses me a little, and I'm not precisely sure what is accepted into Unity, if anything other than the material name. So my advice, to get similar results, is to model and UV unwrap your model inside Blender. Then save that .blend in your Unity project folder and use the Specular shader to give it a similar metallic look. There is a wealth of shader information here and specifics on how to use them to get cool effects inside Unity:

Try exporting to FBX

The way i work with stuff like that in Maya is, make the model (duh :stuck_out_tongue: :D), then UV map it and save the wireframe of the UV (UV snapshot) as a png. Open it in Photoshop and paint the textures over the UV snapshot.
Finally, use that as the texture element in a Unity shader.