Can't rotate character in horizontal axis.

Hey everyone and thanks for help in advance.
I stumbled across annoying problem - I can’t rotate my character.
I traveled throughout all my scripts with my friend and I can’t find anything that could be for ex. reseting my rotation each frame.
Removing scripts did not help.
Removing rigidbody2d did actually help… but I need rigidobody :frowning:
Every other object except for Character is ok to be rotated with rigidbody.
Here is video how it looks when i try to rotate in inspector. - YouTube

I hope someone has idea what is causing my problem and will be kind to answer,

Mariusz Goldbaum

Here’s something I found that is similar if not the same to the issue you’re having, if this doesn’t help, let me know -

Problem solved by disabling Interpolation in rigidoby2d…