cant run example projects

I cant get the example projects to run like

sewerage control room and car tutorial

I am using win7 / lenovo l420/ onboard graphics and can build/run exe but I get a blue screen when running the exe after few secs. The projects had to be converted from older unity versions to current.

I do get 3rdpersonshooter to work.

If u Dont Fine The Scene Of The Exampel u can Search for It
If u cant Run Object use this

 var speed = 5;

If u use rigidbody

var PushPower =200;
rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.forwar*var PushPower)


I dont get an error as when I run the example the game window appears with unity logo and then the screen turns blue. My computer doesnt crash.

There will be a scene file in the assets folder. It’s icon looks like the Unity icon.

Double click on this scene file to open the scene. Then run the example.