Can't run game on MAC buld on Windows (Unity 5.4.1).

HI guys!

Create game on my Windows. It is work good on Windows and Linux. I have no Mac - but some of my friend try to test it. When he run in on his MAC OS X 10.8+ he have error “Can’t open app”:

Hi can’t find any log file, can only run in console:

We google all what we can. Can’t find solution…

This is link to download my game for MAC: UB MAX OS X Dev.rar — Yandex Disk

If you want the game to run on Mac you need to build ON A Mac!!

  • Apple is really difficult to work with
  • You need to build your game using a MAC
  • Then Build Settings “Target platform” - Mac will be available

  • So grab your friend’s Mac
  • Install Unity
  • AND rebuild it to Mac
  • You will probably need to install xCode on the Mac too

Hope it works!