can't save values from another class to a list

I’m trying to save int values from my Miners_Manager class in a list then convert them to strings and write them in a folder. But after the foreach my list is always empty.

 public Miners_Manager[] items;

 public string[] save = new string[100];  // Array of strings
 public List<int> itemcount = new List<int>();  // List of values
 public int length;  // Length of the list

public void createString()
            int i = 1; 
        foreach (var item in items)
            itemcount *= item.count; // saving the values in the list - this doesn't work* 

i += 1;

length = itemcount.Count; // calculating length of list
for (i= 2; i <= length; i++)
save = itemcount*.ToString();*

To add a new object to a list you need to use List.Add(T). Doing that should solve the issue.

Soo you need to: