Can't scroll in MonoDevelop

This bug began a few weeks ago and I can’t figure what’s causing it, but it’s making workin in MonoDevelop incredibly frustrating. When I’m using my normal setup, which is a laptop running Windows 8.1 with an external monitor, Razer keyboard and mouse, I cannot mousescroll in MonoDevelop. If I boot without the monitor plugged in, it works, but if I just unplug the monitor after already booting the bug persists. In addition, the mouse icon never changes from the text editing icon (the “I”, if that makes sense, not sure what the official name for it is), even when going through menus and such when it should revert back to the normal mouse icon.

In my case it was the combination of Lazy Lezumi Mouse (Photoshop Plugin) and Photoshop itself, which where causing this issue in MonoDevelop. After closing Photoshop the mouse scroll did work perfectly. But the interesting fact was, that it was working with pressed middle mouse button.

In my case it was Logitech Control Center. I had to uninstall it and find an alternative program. I use USB Overdrive and SmoothMouse to control my mouse stuff.

I had no problems with a different mouse until installing the control center, which I had to do in order to pair an M705 with a logitech receiver. I found another thread where a user reported uninstalling the LCC fixes the scroll problem.

You can find the Uninstaller in Applications → Utilities.

In my case it was the Tobii eyeX software. It is an eye tracking device. Even though the eye control was switched off and the eye tracker was not connected to te computer the bug was still there. I had to kill all the services in the task manager to resolve it.

In my case was Dimscreen, an software that reduces brightness of the screen