Can't see anything in Scene view following documentation tutorial. (1.0.0-pre.15)

I was following the tutorial for spawners on the Entites 1.0.0-pre.15 documentation and ran into an issue.

Unity 2022.2.0b16
Related Packages
Entities 1.0.0-pre.15
Entities Graphics 1.0.0-pre.15
Universal RP 14.0.3

Can't get a prefab default cube to show up in Scene view

  • URP is installed and the URP asset is set in the project settings.
  • The URP Asset has SRP Batcher enabled.
  • The prefab was made by creating a 3D cube in the scene and dragging it into the project window.
  • All default code from the tutorial.

When I press play, the cube shows up on the Game window but not Scene. The Entities Hierarchy shows multiple prefabs being added to the subscene. Nothing shows up on the default Hierarchy window. Selecting the prefabs leads to the prefab asset in the project window.

Needed to set Preferences -> Entities -> Baking -> Scene View Mode -> Runtime Data

Parented Prefab is strange
I initially created a prefab that is an Empty Gameobject holding a primitive Sphere and a primitive scaled Cube. I also added an incremental offset to the spawner to show this.
In the screenshot, the rightmost object is how it should look.
The one in the middle is the first instantiation.
The one to the left is how it instantiates from then on.

I have no idea where those cubes are.

Dynamic bodies get unparented during entity baking. Had to remove the colliders.

Given that the middle part has the right objects in wrong places, it's possible that there is some kind of bug related to the transforms. Can you check the transforms of the instantiated entities in the Inspector by selecting them from the Entities Hierarchy?