Can't see GameObjects In Scene View

I am using unity version 5.5.1.

I simply created a new cube on Scene View. Not able to see it on Scene View.But the same is displaying in game/play area.

I found that it is not render in Scene View only when the game object in ‘Default’ layout.If I changed the game object to any other layer then its displaying in Scene View.

Also I am confirm that Main Camera’s culling Mask is set to Everything

I dont see this issue when I start using unity in earlier days.

I tried reinstalling unity. It doesn’t help me to solve the issue.Let me know how to fix the issue.

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If you click the “Layers” button next to “Account” it shows all the layers and next to it there is an open eye if the layer is visible or a closed if invisible. Your default layer is probably set to invisible, simply click the closed eye to make it visible.

The same answer, but with pictures.