Can't see light through transparent texture

Greetings everyone,
I’m sure this has been asked before but I couldn’t find anything when searching the forums.
I have a plane with a tiled texture that has transparency on it. I was trying to create lights underneath the plane and have them shine through the texture but the lights don’t seem to be visible through the texture. Is there a special transparency setting I need for my texture or something else I would need to do to achieve this?

Any help would be appreciated!

That’s really not enough information but I’ll take a stab at this based on previous experiences in lighting. Chances are your plane mesh is 1 sided so the light isn’t shining through because the mesh only has normal facing 1 direction, if you had another plane facing the light (underneath) it would get lit by the lights - BUT - the effect you would get if it was lit would be opposite of what you’re looking for, instead of the light shining through your transparent parts it would light up the entire floor as if the light were coming from above. If you want your floor to look “lit up” from below you will probably be better off using a self illumination shader.