Can't see Particle System in Editor

Hi all, having a problem seeing the Particle System in Unity when the game is not being played. What I’ve done:

  • Restarted
  • Reinstalled Unity
  • Made new Project
  • Made New Particle System
  • Observed that the particles in the system are not visible.
  • Hit play button and particles became visible.

Video of the issue:

Thank you!

If TimeScale is set to 0 for the project, the particle system Simulate/Stop/Pause controls in the Scene View appear to stop working. This acts like the game is paused, freezing the particle systems. Go to ProjectSettings/Time, and change TimeScale to 1. Oddly this setting can get saved to disk if you quit your game while it is paused.

Hi everyone, in case you run into the issue like I did:
Change your Unity layout. In the top right you will see a “Layout” dropdown. Click that and select something to refresh the display.

Have you tried going out of Debug mode in the inspector, to make sure that the particle system preview is actually running in the editor? In the Scene View window, there should be a GUI window titled “Particle Effect” with a button “Simulate”/“Pause”. When the button is displayed as “Simulate”, you wouldn’t see the particles since it is paused or stopped.

Re-starting the editor help to bring back the visibility.

Thanks. You’re my lord. :slight_smile: