Can't see tree's or grass unless i'm very close.

I have a big problem with my grass and tree editing, whenever i add any i can not see it unless I’m really close up.
I can’t really work with this without seeing.
If someone knows the answer it would be heaven.
I really need help please.

It has do with the setting under Tree and Detail objects. The settings are tree distance and detail distance setting them small will only show them near you.

If you want to see details from very far away, your may want to use the unity tree system instead. I’ve seen some examples in the nature and environment packs, where people use flower textures and such to make some very nice grass and flowers. Not only can you see them from much further away, but they get billboarded in the distance.

Granted…you would have to know how to take the grass/flower textures and arrange them using the tree system…but that’s pretty handy knowledge to have anyway.

I don’t know how well that would work for regular grass…as in, I don’t know how bad it would hurt your performance if you tried to use it as a substitute for thick grass all over the place. If you just want some nice flowers here and there, I think it would be great. Or something like cattails around a forest pond.

Which brings up an interesting question: To what extent can the tree system be used as a replacement for the details system. I think I’ll ask :slight_smile:

I’ve had weird things happen with tree or grass meshes, even some that I have purchased. Some of them appeared to be extremely small.

When you are in the details tab (the one with the flower), and you add a new detail, are you adding a grass texture (as a 2d plane that “stands up”), or are you adding a mesh?

Try it as a texture, and see if you see anything. Also…you did select the new detail afterwards, and paint it onto the terrain right?

If that doesn’t work, try posting a screenshot of your details tab, and also double-click on the detail and show us the settings you have for your detail.

To add to an old post if someone has the same issue. Unity does something strange every now and again in the project in which I can’t see anything unless medium close up. I can’t see an entire terrain mesh. Maybe I’m missing something about how it displays but I have searched all over the program and found nothing that helps. Changing the layouts does nothing however after opening an old project which displays correctly, save the current layout with a new name then open your latest project again then select the new named layout and everything displays as it did before.

I think that what you’re looking for is the “detail distance” property from the terrain settings.

Try also to increase the Billboard Start property under the Tree and Detail Objects section in Terrain settings