Can't seem get the provisional profile to match on iOS/Xcode


Xcode build fails:

A valid provisioning profile matching the application's Identifier '' could not be found. 

I have the that exact identifier in the provisional profiles in the Organizer, however…it has a yellow warning sign stating ‘Valid signing identity not found’. I’ve went through all the steps on the provisioning portal, but I haven’t found a way to resolve the yellow warning sign, which I suspect to be the culprit.

I’ve tried it with the “prefix numbers” and without.

Any help much obliged.

Found this from the technical notes, which allows to create everything automatically and start fresh:

To invoke “Automatic Device Provisioning” open Xcode’s “Window” menu > Organizer > Devices tab > “Provisioning Profile” sidebar under Library. Check the “Automatic Device Provisioning” checkbox and click the “Refresh” button. After clicking Refresh a dialog should appear requesting your team member account credentials. It is important to answer ‘yes’ when asked to create your iPhone Certificates if any are needed. In that case, clicking “Submit Request” will allow Xcode to create, download and install the certificate(s).