Can't seem to find a proper stepping stone to learn from, any ideas?

I’ve been programming for several years and I tend to catch on fairly quickly to new engines and languages. One of the first things I ever tried to learn, programming wise, was Unity with C#. I failed miserably at that, and decided to start easier with Lua which I quickly became very good at, ever since I’ve been working with newer practices and learning new languages. I decided yesterday that I would try to make my way back to Unity and give it another try, completely expecting to grasp it fairly quickly as well. However, to my surprise, I couldn’t understand a single piece of it.

It’s completely possible I’m thinking of it from a programmers point of view, rather than a game developer. I guess I expected it to be purely code, rather than object properties. Should I try to learn C# on it’s own before I try to understand Unity? Or am I just going about this the wrong way? If I am just thinking of it wrong, does anyone have any helpful advice or tutorials?

Thank you for any help you give! :slight_smile:

Like @cirseihyuga and @stevehealy suggested, short videos, especially the ones on Unity website, will take you through the basics.
Trial and error with an empirical approach to learning will usually produce a more solid understanding and knowledge, although it takes longer.
I was lucky enough to have a great Mentor a few years back, who tough me a lot on Object Oriented Programming, Architecture, patterns etc…
Then, I also looked at MS C# Programming Guide and started to experiment with every little bit, see what applies to Unity and what makes no sense or goes against the Component based architecture.

I started to put all this knowledge in a training course, available in english here, and in french here.
The course is split in three tiers : Prototyping, Optimisations, Framework. The first Tier is 12 hours and is already available. Tier 2 is roughly 8 hours and will be available soon.

I don’t mean to promote my course, I simply want to say that I know what it’s like to start learning a generic language in a specific context, that it takes time a lots of experiment.

Good luck, and welcome to the community!

Youtube is a great resource of game tutorials pick the type of game you wish to do ask for that in unity fallow along with the video i found this to be a great help with getting to learn the ins and outs of unity

I would suggest you to start with the short tutorial videos on unity website. One after each other, you will understand the basics of unity. After you see the scripting videos and the physics videos, I would recommand you to follow some tutorials about Object Oriented Programmation (I don’t know if you’re familiar with it) and to test your own things in unity in the same time.