Can't select desired minimum API level for Android build!


I am trying to build an apk with minimum API level 16. However, I am using Unity 2019.3 and the minimum API available in the list is 19. I have installed the SDK for 16 from android studio and it still doesn’t show in the list.

I tried downgrading to Unity 2019.2 and I can see API level 16 but that messes up the project, with missing UnityEngine.UI namespace.

My question is, can I force a minimum API level in Unity 2019.3, without downgrading the unity version? I tried in the manifest but the end result is still 19.

Thanks guys.

Edit: unity doesnt support api levels below 19

An older thread

I have the same issue. Were you able to find an answer?
Might help Unity requires Android SDK to be minimum API level 21 - Stack Overflow