can't select probe lights

this happens a few days ago, where when i press the Edit Light Probes button, i am still not able to select any of the probs. i have tried making it static and nonstatic. i’ve gone through the options and settings to see if there were some option i forgot to change and so on. i have been using Unity for some years now, and i have never had a problem i couldn’t find the solution on on the internet, BUT this time… anyone know of this problem?

the problem seems to be in 2019.3.0a8.
i updated a project from 2019.3.0a5 where prope lights worked and they stopped working in 2019.3.0a8.

I also can’t select Light Probes in 2018.4.9 LTS.

I’ve tried everything that people have suggested.

None of it works for me. Very frustrating.

Not sure why this isn’t a bigger topic on the forums? Surely this is mega broken!??!