cant share image from unity resources because of sandboxing?

I want to share the jpg image from the unitie’s resources folder onto the windows phone 8 device but the sandbox thing won’t allow this to happen , Hence I have to copy my images to be shared into the WP8 solution made by unity and this makes the app really static . Is there a way by which windows phone plugin can access the images from the unities resources folder ?

I have tried placing the images in StreamingAssets folder and calling the path of the file by using Application.GetStreamingAssetsPath(filename) method but that one fails to get the path of the image file

For the Resources folder, it is not a matter of Sandboxing. The Resources folder does not exist in a runtime build. The assets in this folder are collected in to a database that is used at runtime. In Unity, you can move your image to somewhere public (like a gallery) using code. For iOS, this requires a third-party plug in or a plug-in you write since Unity does not natively support access to the Gallery. I believe it can be done without a plug-in on android. I don’t know what is necessary on Windows Phone 8.