Can't teleport my player (with char controller) to a speciic position

I have a player with a Character Controller attached. When the level is completed, I want to take him to a new position.

“characterController.transform.position = newPosition” is not working.

I tried to disabled and enabled the characterController component and didnt work.

I tried to check the Auto Sync Transform on Physics settings and didnt work.

The method I use to move the character is “characterController.SimpleMove()”

Any sugestion?

Thanks :smiley:

using charactercontroller.gameobject.transform.position

= newPosition” is not working.

What is not working? what is happening? Have you checked your position? Debug.Log? I’m not sure why you mentioned “Auto Sync Transform” since the CharacterController is not part of the physics system. It just acts like a static collider for other physics objects. The CC performs its own collision detection. However teleporting the gameobject somewhere else should always work. If not you probably have some other code which messes around with the position of your gameobject / CharacterController.