Can't teleport to different scene in the 2D Game Kit

I’ve been following the tutorial for the Unity 2D Game Kit, and got to the part about teleporting the player. I managed to make teleporting between different places in the same scene work, but not different places between scenes.

I have TransitionStart and TransitionDestination set as the tutorial asked. When the player starts teleporting, they’re taken to their default position in the destination scene, instead of the TransitionDestination’s actual position.

I have no idea what could’ve gone wrong, except maybe the project not including a Transition Start script (it only had a Transition Point script). For reference, I’m using Unity 2018.1.8f1.

2D Game Kit Walkthrough - Unity Learn and look at the “Teleporting to another Scene” section,2D Game Kit Walkthrough - Unity Learn look at the “Teleporting to another Scene” section.

My project is also missing the Transition start script, at least, its in editor and not usable.
I don’t know what to do because the tutorial assumes you have it, and they use its functions, but I dont have access to those functions.

I have a similar problem, however I cannot select another scene whatsoever as my TransportDestination…
I added to build… tried the Teleporter Prefab even… nothing. Going to open my own thread with pics and stuff…

I’m on Mac and using version 2018.3.2f1