Can't type & modify anything in my script with monodevelop


So after I create a script, I am able to open the script using monodevelop but I can’t make any change with it from there. Seems like most of other functionalities are fine, but nothing happens when I type in the script. I can move around the cursor but I can’t type or make any change with the script, except selecting a block of text and deleting it (and plus the revert using cmd + z), which is weird for me. When I modify the script using other editors, it notifies me that there has been a change with the file and asks me that whether I want to reload the new file, and if I say yes, the script is changed to the newest one, but I still can’t make any changes from the monodevelop editor.

I have tried to look for the answer and I have seen many questions regarding the failure of opening scripts, debugging or other things, but I have never seen any post that has the same issue as mine.

I am using Mac and my version is El Capitan. Thank you in advance.

I was having the same issue after updating unity a few days ago…it worked again after I went to Project > Solution Options, Version Control > General, and checking Disable Version Control for this solution. Close the script in unity and reopen it.

Only picked up on it because it kept throwing errors complaining about the csproj file not being included in version control when I tried to change any settings.