Can't use beta in commercial software?

Hi, I’m disappointed at the policy that you can’t use the beta in a commercial software?

I was persuaded to sign up to the beta program because I was told I would have “early access” to this software. I don’t understand what is the point of early access if it can’t be used (and there is no timeline of when it can be used)? If we are giving our free time to test this, surely we should get the perks of being able to use this earlier? What are the perks? Just a free T-shirt?

Please can you clarify if I can release software that is made using the Sentis package?

Hi there, thanks for the question. This is standard in modern software (ie. you can’t commercially distribute an app with a beta iOS version), and is intended to protect you as a developer from breaking changes we may make in our offering. I have updated the language for the policy in our about post to hopefully clarify this further.

While you can’t distribute your app commercially during the beta phase, the benefit of being one of the first users is that you will be much further along in your development path using Sentis vs. users that not in the beta program. The other main benefit of the beta is to ensure Sentis works well for your specific use case… which it looks like you have posted some great topics already on and we are looking at.

There is a high-level timeline provided in the about post, which I’ll repaste here as well … “we plan to announce the date, or actually release Sentis before the end of 2023. Once we set a public date, we will let you know.”


Hi thanks for your reply. I was worried I was being a bit abrupt :grin: Thanks for clarifying.

It’s no problem. I appreciate the direct question and feedback.

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