Can't use trackpad to look around while moving in my first person game

I’m creating a game that utilizes the First Person camera angle and just finished the fist game shell for it. When using a connected mouse, I can move my character and have it look around at the same time (no problem), but then when I try to use the trackpad on my laptop, I can no longer walk and look around at the same time. If I’m stopped, the Track Pad will allow me to look around, but as soon as my character begins moving, the trackpad no longer allows my character to gaze the scenery.
I believe that Unity only exposes Input for known devices (keyboard, mouse, joysticks/gamepads) and maybe it doesn’t see the laptop trackpad as one of the Input devices for the “mouse” camera movement for looking around (though I’m not sure that would explain why the trackpad works while my character is at a standstill). Any ideas on what’s going on? Thank you.

Hi @ArtieDuncanson,
I had the same problem on my laptop (HP Pavillion) when testing. I found out that it disables mouse movement while typing, probably to stop accidental clicks from your palms, etc. I found this out by going to my desktop and trying to move the mouse while pressing random letters, and sure enough, the mouse stopped moving. I don’t know if Unity offers a way around this. You could try building your game, see if that helps, but I did find an article about this by Dell. Maybe you can do this with yours? It seems it’s a thing called palm tracking. I know that this was posted in 2014, and it is currently 2018, but I just wanted my answer to be out there for anyone who has this problem to see.