can't zoom in far enough.

I'm new to unity and when I try to zoom in I can only zoom a certain distance before Unity won't let me zoom any further. Is there a zoom extent hot key or something?

Select an object and hit "F" to focus on it while the mouse pointer is over the scene window.

It still doesn’t focus in close enough. I press F or double click on the object and it zooms me out farther than I originally was at… Is there any setting to fix this? Pressing F focuses the camera but it’s still way to far away. I have to zoom in with the mouse every time and sometimes it takes awhile…

@Eric5h5 This actually helped me.
My problem was if I zoomed within X Y Z 1000, everything turned grey. Pressing F immediately fixed it.

i am using unity 2d and when i zoom in too far everything dissapears