Cant't recognize touch on iOS, but on Android and Mac it's ok

Hi, have a problem.

trying to deploy ma unity app on the iphone, but there is a problem. i have one scene, where you are clicking on objects and the objects playing sounds after click. Everything going just fine on the Android device and the Mac, but on iPhone it seems, like it’s not listening to the touches on the screen… tested on the iphone 4G, iphone 5S and ipad air 3, same results…

this problem occurs yesterday, before that it was fine on all tested platforms…

any advices please?

thank you very much

I have resolved it. It seems that there is a bug in Unity version 4.5.1, when you rotate screen orientation manually in the code, the x coordinates are in negative numbers, and thats why the input events are not working. Bug was reported, but still in version 4.5.2 it is not resolved.

So solution for me and for others is to downgrade to the version 4.5.0 where this working well.

Hope that this post can save someone 50 hours of his life :smiley: