Canvas adjusting position of elements depending on res.

I’m following a Unity tutorial, but it is really outdated - i’m making it work, but there is one thing that won’t work at all. I want to make a canvas element stay in the corner of the screen, but it will be exported for lots of resolutions, and android (i want it landscape only)

If anyone can help, it will be appreciated.

You have a setting called anchor on each components of your canvas containing a Rect Transform, I think that is what you’re looking for. By default, all anchors are set to the middle of the canvas. You can use these anchors to stick to the axes you want (red lines), and also to resize themselves on chosen axis (blue arrows). I also recommend to use TMPro if you need to write text, so you can make the text auto resizing between defined size, choosing the bigger it cans without getting out of the box.