Canvas glitches size of UI elements

Hello, I’m sorry if the title is hard to understand, I just have no idea how to describe my issue, So, Basically, Always when i use canvas, The text and images just glitch and change sizes even when i’m not touching anything, Here is a video of the issue happening: Plz help - YouTube , I hope it will help you to understand my issue. Please help me fix it, I can barely work like that with the canvas.

Are you using dual monitors? I had a similar issue… I realized it only happened when I had an editor dialog open on a different monitor than one where the editor was displaying. If you do have dual, try unplugging one and seeing if it happens again. You also might try deleting the Canvas and making it fresh. That has solved a few strange issues I’ve had as well. Good luck!

@GrayLightGames How do you fix the glitching issue when using dual-monitor? I literally bought a second monitor just to do this and now it won’t work. Any help is much appreciated.