Canvas not showing up in build


I have a canvas with all my GUI stuff. In the editor everything works correctly. However when I do a build of the project, the canvas does not show up on the title screen.

The cursor is missing also. However I can still hover over and click buttons (by guessing there positions and hearing there onhover sound effects).

It’s like the canvas is present, just somewhere off screen. I’ve completely rebuilt the canvas from worldspace to screenspace overlay to see if that was the issue, it was not.

Has anyone else had this issue before?

Also note, if I enter the game itself, the canvas starts working (same scene, same canvas, same camera), by ‘enter the game’ the only major difference is the camera is attached to a player instead.

Everything was working in 5.3.x, so it’s possible this is a bug with 5.4, but if so, it doesn’t make much sense to me. There are no issues within the build log.

After 13 or so new builds, I turned off HDR and now the GUI on the main menu is showing up. So for now that seems like a temporary solution for some strange reason.