Canvas: On hovering over Buttons: Wrong Buttons activated

First, I’m sorry about that title. Really, I have now clue how to explain my problem. That’s why I can’t google correctly.

Here’s my problem:
I make a small 2D Android Game and started with the UI of the Main Menu.
You have 6 Buttons, the first two will lead to another scene, the other ones will open Text-fields for helping, credits etc.

Now when I’m in Play-Mode, I tried to click on these Buttons. But they seem a bit strange: The Targets seem to be in the wrong places. See the images for more Info (When Mouse hovering over Highlighted = Red).

In other words, the mouse is not at the same position as it means to be.

Does anybody have an idea how to fix my buttons? I put more photos down below. Thanks!

Ok i fixed it. You need to look at the Button’s Text-Components when you have the same problem. Mine were too big

Thankyou so much i would never solve it without you