Canvas Problem

I got a problem with my canvases , When i just turn off unity for some minutes and then again turned it on and i was shocked that my canvases are gone and i got some error , i created those Ui for my game in 24 hours and it was liked washed up or something , can anybody please help me how do i recover them, i got some errors and the scripts in the ui are missing . all ui scripts are missing .
Here are the pics of errors(both errors those are out of line are also covered in the pictures so you can fully check them) and script missing .

This is a (really annoying) bug with the Ui system which can be fixed with the following method (taken from this forum thread):

  1. Quit Unity
  2. Move UnityEngine.UI.dll and UnityEditor.UI.dll to your desktop - ( These are located at C:/Program Files/Unity/Editor/Data/UnityExtensions/Unity/GUISystem, there error will tell you where as well )
  3. Relaunch Unity - Don’t have to open up a project I don’t think, if you’re using Unity 5, just as long as the Launcher opens up should be fine *it crashed anyway when I tried to load my project )
  4. Quit Unity
  5. Move UnityEngine.UI.dll and UnityEditor.UI.dll back to their original location
  6. Relaunch Unity