Canvas Scalar Scale with Screen Size Bug

I have a UI image that takes the top 20% of the screen. I’ve set the Canvas Scaler to scale with screen size and set reference resolution to 1920x1080. The screen match mode is shrink and reference pixel per unit is at default (100).

As I scale the game scene the ui scales with it. It will stretch and shrink maintaining a 20% coverage of the top. This is what I want.

However when I build and run the scene and choose different resolutions it doesn’t scale with the resolution. Instead is seems to keep a constant physical size or pixel size.

According to Redirect to... title of new-page it should scale with the screen size to keep the same coverage. So is this a bug or am I missing something. If so please comment what it is. I’m using Unity 5.3.1f.

As karl.jones says here:

This is fixed in 5.3.1p3.

I Fixed IT By Changing Reference Resolutions by 1 Pixel.
for example instead of 1920 x 1080 try 1921 x1081

please check this video

Unity UI Tutorial - Scale UI to the right size for every resolution using anchors