Canvas Screen Space Issue


My Problem: I made a UI image appear when I right click but I had to change the Canvas setting from Overlay to Screen Space to make a part of my project work but now I right click and the UI Image doesn’t show up on the camera it’s appearing way off camera. I remade it hoping that it would fix it but no it just keeps going to that same spot when I press play. I’m out of ideas and looking around online I have not seen anyone with this type of issue.

I thank anyone who comes along to help with this.

I can’t really understand what’s your problem but I have an idea.

Go to your camera and unselect UI layer in its culling mask property.
Then duplicate your camera. This new camera will be for UI, so select only the UI layer(unselect other layers) in its culling mask property. Also, set its clear flags property to depth only.

I hope I understood your problem well and this will fix…