Canvas Text small when exported to mobile

Title says the problem. In Unity editor, the text size seems fine, but when I export it to Android it becomes very small.
I HAVE TRIED many of the methods from other posts, but none worked:
I placed anchors and checked “Best fit”;
I checked “Scale with Screen size”;
I made a separate script, but then the text would disappear, not just be small;
Please help me find a solution. Does it have something to do with the fact that I imported another font than the original, though I don’t think so?

I think your problem is simple, well the little information you give me.
when you create a text this comes with a font size default 14 have to change the font size, increase the size parameter “rect transform” the key is “T” and scale the object with the “R” key .

FOUND THE SOLUTION. It’s a combination of more methods.
You need to check in the Canvas options “Scale with screen size” AND enlarge the text boxes, so that it has space to adapt to the new (bigger) screen resolution.

In Canvas:

Scale With Screen Size
X: 1536
Y: 2048

Text font 50