Cap Light Intensity to 1

I’m using 2D lights in the URP. I’d like to make it so that if two lights overlap, their combined intensity cannot surpass 1.0.

This way I could for example place a light ring around the player which is only visible in darker areas. In areas with light intensity 1, the light ring could still be active but it wouldn’t be able to increase the light intensity around the player any further and so it wouldn’t be visible.
That example is not the only use case I would have for this, I know I could write a simple script to turn the light around the player off when it isn’t needed. I’m just giving an example of how it would work that hopefully makes what I’m asking for understandable.

It would probably be easiest to write it into your shaders than trying to work it out tangentially to unities lights as you would be able to tell exactly how lit the surface is and cap it at a specific value.