Cape with Cloth Unity 3.0

Hi, i would like to make a cape for my character, I did it, but I got a big problem.

The cloth has made by two objects, one is the cloth, other is kind of a colar, where is from came the cape. The real cape is I've used cloth system, then it moves as a cape with the wind and movement of the character. I have used a collider attached to a spine bone for attach the cape to the Player.

And the problem is: When i walk with my character, the cape position isn't updating as the Player position. The cape always is kind of a frame before the player, or something like this. But when character is idle, it works well.

How would i solve this Update problem ?? Can't I make capes with Unity 3.0 Cloth System?

Thank you so much!

I use Interactive Cloth!

I had the same problem. Using the FixedUpdate() function instead of the Update() function seemed to work. I'm not 100% sure on the difference between the two functions but it seems to work.

Are you using "Interactive Cloth" or "Skinned Cloth" for the cape?

It finally gets working :D Thanks to all posted here.

i've used this on the Cape Object

void FixedUpdate () {
    transform.position = target.position; //target is the player(can be finded with GameObject.FindWithTag too..)


Thanks guys. God bless you all! :D